Quapcor Switch Boxes Metal

Quapcor Switch Boxes Metal G06-0042 Quapcor Utility Box #18 G06-0043 Quapcor Junction Box #18 G06-0044 Quapcor Square Box 4 11/16″ #18 G06-0045 Quapor Junction Box Cover #18 (Quapcor Not Embossed) G06-0046 Quapcor Square Box 4 11/16 Cover #18 G06-0047 Quapcor Utility Box Cover #18 (Quapcor Not Embossed) G06-0048 Quapcor Square Box 4X4″ #18 G06-0049 Quapcor Square Box 4X4″ Cover #18

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  1. Emmanuel Lopez

    Ma’am/Sir parang me mali kasi Quapcor Brand sinusupply nyo base sa description pero tatak sa picture steel city magkaiba po ata yun.. at Junction box po yan hnd switch box.

    • sales@arnaiz.com.ph Product author

      Hello, yes yung mga photos and pics may not represent actual item. The website is not regularly updated, its more of a reference of our items.


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