Sassin Circuit Breakers

Sassin Circuit Breakers Sassin Din Rail Type Circuit Breaker 2P 4.5Kaic 3Sb1-63 F03-0246 2P20A4.5K 20A F03-0247 2P32A4.5K 32A F03-0248 2P40A4.5K 40A F03-0254 2P63A4.5K 63A F03-0255 2P10A4.5K 10A Sassin Distribution Box For Din Rail Type Circuit Breakers 3Sd5 F03-0249 3Sd5-8 8-Module F03-0250 3Sd5-6 6-Module F03-0251 3Sd5-12 12-Module F03-0252 3Sd5-18 18-Module

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  1. Francois Gouttes

    We wish to order :
    – 1 circuit breaker Sassin 3SB1-63 C10 (10A)
    – 50 white leds Nichia NSDL510GS-K1
    – 1 battery LiFePO4 12V/2.5Ah
    Can you quote these products and the cost of shipment to Sipalay (Negros occidental) ?
    Looking forward to reading you soon, Best Regards, Francois Gouttes

    • Product author

      We don’t have those items, in Sassin the smallest we carry is 20A model number 3SB1-63-2P20A.


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