Terminal Lugs Of All Kinds

Terminal Lugs Of All Kinds – Please Inquire: E09-0035 Pin1.25Af Insul Pin Term Awg22-18 E09-0036 Pin2Af Insul Pin Term Awg16-14 E09-0037 Pin5.5Af Insul Pin Term Awg12-10 E09-0038 Pin110Fb Insul Flat Blade Term Awg22-18 E09-0039 Pin210Fb Insul Flat Blade Term Awg16-14 E09-0040 Pin510Fb Insul Flat Blade Term Awg12-10 E09-0041 F1.25A Bullet Socket Awg22-18 E09-0042 F1.25A Bullet Socket Awg22-18 E09-0043 F5.5A Bullet Socket Awg12-10 E09-0044 Calyf1.25B Bullet Term Awg22-18 E09-0045 Calyf2B Bullet Term Awg16-14 E09-0046 Calyf5.5B Bullet Term Awg12-10 E09-0047 V1.25-7B Male Discon Awg22-18 E09-0048 V2-7B Male Discon Awg16-14 E09-0049 V5.5-7B Male Discon Awg12-10 E09-0050 V1.25-7A Fem Discon Awg22-18 E09-0051 V2-7A Fem Discon Awg16-14 E09-0052 V5.5-7A Fem Discon Awg12-10 E09-0053 Pn1.25-7A Nylon Fully Insul Fem Discon E09-0054 Pn2-7A Nylon Fully Insul Fem Discon E09-0055 Pn5.5-7A Nylon Fully Insul Fem Discon E09-0056 Pv1.25-7A Vinyl Fully Insul Fem Discon Awg22-18 E09-0057 Pv2-7A Vinyl Fully Insul Fem Discon Awg16-14 E09-0058 Pv5.5-7A Vinyl Fully Insul Fem Discon Awg12-10 E09-0059 Mf2-7A Piggy Back Discon E09-0060 Mf5.5-7A Piggy Back Disco E09-0061 M1.25 Quick Splice Awg22-18 E09-0062 M2 Quick Splice Awg16-14 E09-0063 M5.5 Quick Splice Awg12-10 E09-0064 Ceo.5-8 Cord End Sleeve Awg22 Orange E09-0065 Ceo.75-8 Cord End Sleeve Awg20 White E09-0066 Ceo1.0-8 Cord End Sleeve Awg18 Yellow E09-0067 Ceo1.5-8 Cord End Sleeve Awg16 Red E09-0068 Ceo2.5-8 Cord End Sleeve Awg14 Blue E09-0069 Ce4-10 Cord End Sleeve Awg12 Gray E09-0070 Ce6-12 Cord End Sleeve Awg10 Green E09-0071 Ce10-12 Cord End Sleeve Awg8 Ivory E09-0072 Bf-1.25S Insul Butt Splice W/ Copper Plate Inside Awg22-18 E09-0073 Bf2S Insul Butt Splice W/ Copper Plate Inside Awg16-14 E09-0074 Bf5.5S Insul Butt Splice W/ Copper Plate Inside Awg12-10 E09-0075 Sw-1 Wire Conn 6.5Mm All Plastic E09-0076 Sw-2 Wire Conn 7.5Mm All Plastic E09-0077 Sw-3 Wire Conn 9.5Mm All Plastic E09-0078 Sw-71Bh Wire Conn 6.7Mm Screw On E09-0079 Sw-72Bh Wire Conn 7.0Mm Screw On E09-0080 Sw-73Bh Wire Conn 9.6Mm Screw On E09-0081 Sw-74Bh Wire Conn 11.2Mm Screw On E09-0082 Sw-76Bh Wire Conn 13.0Mm Screw On E09-0083 Sw-78B Wire Conn 12.8Mm Screw On E09-0084 Ce-1 Closed End Conn 2.4Mm E09-0085 Ce-2 Closed End Conn 3Mm E09-0086 Ce-5 Closed End Conn 8Mm E09-0087 Ce-8 Closed End Conn 4.7Mm E09-0088 R1.25-4M Non-Insul Ring Type Term Awg20-16 E09-0089 R2-4M Non-Insul Ring Type Term Awg16-14 E09-0090 R3.5-5 Non-Insul Ring Type Term Awg14-12 E09-0091 R5.5-5 Non-Insul Ring Type Term Awg12-10 E09-0092 R5.5-10 Non-Insul Ring Type Term Awg12-10 E09-0093 R8-6, R8-8 Non-Insul Ring Type Term Awg8-8 E09-0094 R8-10 Non-Insul Ring Type Term Awg8-10 E09-0095 R14-6 Non-Insul Ring Type Term Awg6 E09-0096 R14-10 Non-Insul Ring Type Term Awg6 E09-0097 R22-8 Non-Insul Ring Type Term Awg4 E09-0098 R38-8S Non-Insul Ring Type Term Awg2 E09-0099 R60-10 Non-Insul Ring Type Term Awg1/0 E09-0100 R70-10 Non-Insul Ring Type Term Awg2/0 E09-0101 R80-12 Non-Insul Ring Type Term Awg3/0 E09-0102 R100-12 Non-Insul Ring Type Term Awg4/0 E09-0103 R150-12 Non-Insul Ring Type Term Awg300Mcm E09-0104 R180-12 Non-Insul Ring Type Term 350Mcm E09-0105 R200-14 Non-Insul Ring Type Term 400Mcm E09-0106 R325-14 Non-Insul Ring Type Term 600Mcm E09-0107 Rf1.25-4M Insul Ring Type Term Awg22-18 E09-0108 Rf2-4M Insul Ring Type Term Awg16-14 E09-0109 Rf3.5-5 Insul Ring Type Term Awg14-12 E09-0110 Rf5.5-5 Insul Ring Type Term Awg12-10 E09-0111 Rf8-6 Insul Ring Type Term Awg8 E09-0112 Rf14-6 Insul Ring Type Term Awg6 E09-0113 Rf22-6 Rf22-8 Insul Ring Awg4 E09-0114 Rf38-10S Insul Ring Type Term Awg2 E09-0115 Yf1.25-5N Spade Type Awg22-18 Yf1.25-3 E09-0116 Yf2-4Sn Spade Type Awg16-14 Yf2-4 E09-0117 Yf3.5-5N Spade Type Awg14-12 Yf3.5-5 E09-0118 Yf5.5-5N Spade Type Awg12-10 E09-0119 Yf8-6 Insul Spade Type Awg8 E09-0120 Yf14-6 Insul Spade Type Awg6 E09-0121 K-305 Open Barrel Term E09-0122 M-250K Open Barrel Term

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